Planning strategically

for greater efficiency  

With experience and long-term know-how.

With passion and focused competence.

With success r Ihren Einkauf!

Planning strategically

for greater efficiency

With experience
and long-term know-how.

With passion
and focused competence.

With success
for your IT purchase

In der digitalen Welt sind Lizenzen von entscheidender Bedeutung. Lizenzverhandlungen sind der Schlüssel, um die richtigen Nutzungsrechte zu erwerben und gleichzeitig die Interessen aller Beteiligten zu wahren.

Unternehmen müssen ihre Verhandlungsposition genau analysieren. Welche Rechte benötigen sie? Welche Kosten sind akzeptabel?

Drawing upon years of industry expertise, we are your partner for successful cost management across the entire IT software inventory, particularly with regard to SAP.

For international and German companies, we ensure that the budget is allocated for vital investments in the future.

Uwe Werner IT Einkaufsberatung GmbH provides consolidated expertise in all matters related to SAP procurement.

There’s much to be done, let’s work together to make the most of your procurement


About Us

More than 30 years of solid industry experience

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you as a decision-maker in the field of software could finally save money?

Uwe Werner has been active in software sales for over 30 years, including seven years in the global sales management department of SAP SE & Co. KG for German and international corporations. This has given him specialist insider knowledge of the SAP licensing business and management of maintenance and contracts, which he can put to use with passion and dedication for the benefit of your company.

He serves as a successful negotiator in SAP procurement projects and provides expertise in consulting, analysis, strategy and sustainable implementation.

You will also benefit from a network of professional experts developed over many years, who can be called on when needed. This means that clients of Uwe Werner IT Einkaufsberatung receive expertise in all important SAP-related issues that is tailored to their needs.

Your Challenges

Planning with confidence and moving towards new goals

  • Do you want to make an SAP S/4HANA conversion?
  • Is RISE with SAP a topic for your company?
  • Do you already have an SAP Cloud strategy?
  • Are you thinking about moving to SAP Core HCM for SAP S/4HANA?
  • Do you want to switch to SAP SuccessFactors?

As a sourcing consultant, we not only optimize your purchasing conditions, but also support you in selecting the right SAP products.

We provide you with comprehensive advice tailored to your individual needs.


  • Discussion of technical transformation scenarios for RISE with SAP – Public vs Private Cloud
  • Negotiation support on commercial and contractual aspects – phase models, swap rights, new and additional purchases
  • Assistance in deciding on operating and support models – availability, SLAs & penalties, Preferred Customer and Preferred Success, partner models

SAP S/4HANA Contract Conversion – Transferring all SAP software license contracts into a new contract

  • Review of your existing contracts and purchasing conditions, benchmarking against comparable companies
  • Support in the development of your bill of material: new investment amounting to 25% of the previous net license base
  • Negotiation support for the realisation of savings potential, e.g. partial decommissioning, rights for new and additional purchases, reconfiguration rights


  • Align with your SAP S/4HANA strategy – schedule, architecture
  • Developing a Licensing Strategy – New Metrics, Subscription Models
  • Getting Started with SAP SuccessFactors – Additional Modules, Hybrid Scenarios


Our Approach

All for one – and for your success

We follow the proven model of analysis – strategy – action plan and sustainable implementation. Based on a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses, we develop a strategy that leads to a sophisticated action plan with newly defined short- to long-term goals. On this basis, the implementation phase is designed and a concrete action plan is defined for our jointly defined goals. The main focus is on improving purchasing conditions as well as optimizing and reducing SAP license and maintenance costs.

  • Success-oriented
  • Adapted to your needs
  • Workshop [DE] [EN]

You will receive top-level specialist knowledge for profitable procurement negotiations, smooth handling of contract processing and optimisation of your maintenance and licence contracts. In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your business.


Your Benefits

Benefit from our experience


  •  40 successful consultations in the last 24 months
  •  more than 30 negotiated SAP S/4HANA contract conversions
  •  on average, 15 – 20% savings with long-term improved service levels, optimized license models and metrics.

As an external service provider, we support your IT department and your purchasing department


  • We put our many years of experience in the market, in the SAP ecosystem and from a large number of negotiations at your disposal.
  • We support you in your negotiations with SAP and SAP partners
  • In this way, we provide you with measureable advantages in terms of cost optimisation


  • We are familiar with the processes, the rules and implementation options, since we’ve work for and with SAP for many year
  • We know the players and decision-makers at SAP and know how they think, act, and make decisions
  • We have achieved price reductions for many SAP customers in the purchase of licenses, subscriptions and services


  • Together with you, we develop a strategy and corresponding implementation recommendations to achieve first-class results


The Team

Strong Team

This is how it all started

Father and daughter have jointly decided to found a company that enables all SAP users to save immense costs when purchasing SAP.

Since then, our team has continued to grow and form a strong mix of individual competencies. We complement each other to satisfy our customers‘ individual needs.

Unsere Geschäftsführung

Ann-Kathrin Brühl

Managing Director

Uwe Werner

  • Owner of IT-Purchasing Consultancy
  • More than 35 years of experience as an IT Sales Manager, including seven years in Global Sales Management at SAP SE & Co. KG.
  • Successful negotiator of numerous SAP purchasing projects
  • Very comprehensive knowledge of the SAP licensing business including cloud services

Andreas Laux

Managing Director
  • More than 25 years of SAP experience
  • 12 years at SAP as a sales manager in various positions, including 4 years in global account management for a large energy supplier
  • Leading positions in SAP consulting firms and with SAP software partners
  • SAP Evangelist and Networker

Project Team

Cornelia Albers

Sales Assistant

Marcin Rozanski

Projekt- & Partnermanagement

Ümra Celik

Project Assistant

We, Uwe Werner IT Einkaufsberatung GmbH, use the productive mix of generations to increase our innovative strength. Thanks to the wealth of perspectives, we are able to meet the expectations of our customers with the strong experience of our long-term SAP specialists and the creative ideas of our young professionals.

The mentors pass on their immense undocumented expert knowledge to their ambitious colleagues, which leads to the best result for our clients in a very creative development process.

Our Portfolio

Optimal support from experienced IT experts

In this digital age, software procurement and contract management are constantly throwing up new challenges. Frequent alterations to licensing models, changing points of contact and complicated price lists make it difficult for many customers to make optimal use of IT solutions in day-to-day business. 

We would be delighted to support you with our practical expertise and ensure effective transparency of all purchases as well as licensing and contractual processes.

SAP procurement consultancy

Everything at a glance: Today, many businesses are confronted with the challenge of trying to purchase software at a low cost and ensuring transparent licensing and maintenance contract processes over both the short and long term. As professional intermediaries between our clients and SAP suppliers, we provide purchasers and decision-makers with custom coaching and active support during procurement negotiations with SAP, right through to the conclusion of the contract:

We advise our clients individually after careful analysis of their current software portfolio and create forward-looking plans for the future.

We provide coaching on software selection and handling SAP.

We support you in deciding whether to opt for S/4HANA products or contract conversion.

We demystify complex purchasing and procurement structures and overcome pitfalls caused by excessive maintenance costs.

We will noticeably improve your purchasing and procurement terms. For instance:

  • In the SAP S/4HANA licence procurement process
  • By switching from SAP ECC 6.0 to SAP S/4/HANA
  • By selecting suitable licensing models for indirect access / digital access 

We use software benchmarking to achieve the best-possible value for money and obtain the best-possible services.

We moderate conflict situations between you as an SAP client and SAP

Management of licences, maintenance and contracts

Everything on track: We use our many years of experience in SAP sales management to develop innovative solutions for finely tuned management of licences, maintenance and contracts. 

Our strategy focuses on the particular circumstances of your company and aims to optimise your contracts and considerably reduce your SAP software costs. We provide qualified expertise for:

  • Analysing and optimising your SAP contract portfolio
  • Analysing your current SAP environment and conducting a detailed inspection of indirect access / digital access
  • Optimising and reducing the costs associated with SAP licensing and maintenance
  • Independent contract negotiation with SAP SE & Co. KG
  • Selecting suitable SAP service partners
  • Support in negotiations following SAP licence audits in line with LAW
  • Introducing software asset management tools


Compare first, then buy It pays to look around. When purchasing new IT software systems, it is the performance features that are of most interest to us. In strategic procurement, we scrutinise these carefully.

During this process, benchmarks provide key data that allows us to compare prices quoted for defined services with previous systems and current alternative procurement options in the IT sector.

Using benchmarking to compare against other IT customers has proven its worth in many cases and hugely improves your IT procurement strategy. It results in reduced costs and improved service. In this way, companies can generate a budget for future investments.

Software asset management tools

Everything under control: Software asset management (SAM) programs allow you to manage the software in your company independently and efficiently. Equally importantly: You have control over all legal licensing standards. Unnecessary software and sublicences can quickly become expensive.

Uwe Werner IT Einkaufsberatung will provide you with dynamic support when selecting the ideal SAM tools for managing your entire SAP software portfolio. Beforehand, we compile a detailed breakdown of your software and purchased licences. This gives you an overview of which software is actually used in your company and the contractual commitments you have.
Software asset management in the SAP software environment is an efficient procedure that provides you with valuable benefits:

  • Transparency across all SAP software in your company
  • Monitoring of all users and licences
  • Reduces the cost of SAP licensing
  • Time saved through automated processes
  • Reliable contract decisions for the future

Our Successes

Selected Projects

Interested in seeing other projects we’ve worked on? 
Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

SAP net license value of 54 Mio. EUR

SAP S/4HANA Contract Conversion

Savings achieved in the first year: 7 Mio. EUR

Savings on maintenance p.a.: 2 Mio. EUR

Savings in maintenance over 5 years: 10 Mio. EUR

Total savings on investment and maintenance over 5 years: 15 Mio. EUR

SAP net license value of 19,7 Mio. EUR

SAP S/4HANA Contract Conversion

Savings achieved in the first year: 4 Mio. EUR

Savings on maintenance p.a.: 800.000 EUR

Savings in maintenance over 5 years: 4 Mio. EUR

Total savings on investment and maintenance over 5 years: 7,5 Mio. EUR

SAP net license value of 8,8 Mio. EUR

SAP S/4HANA Contract Conversion

Savings achieved in the first year: 5 Mio. EUR

Savings on maintenance p.a.: 1,4 Mio. EUR

Savings in maintenance over 5 years: 7 Mio. EUR

Total savings on investment and maintenance over 5 years: 10,6 Mio. EUR


We look forward to meeting you!

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